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For general inquiries, Sugarwood Farms can be contacted by e-mail or post:

E-Mail Address:
Mailing Address:
Sugarwood Farms
PO Box 964
Grantham, NH 03753

For other inquiries, Sugarwood Farms maintains a series of work groups to handle various responsibilities involved in maintaining Sugarwood Farms:

Work Group


Contact for Work Group



Call & lead all Association and Board of Director meetings.

Bob Lewis

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Email reminder several days in advance of meetings. Record minutes for Association and Board of Director meetings and distribute in a timely manner.


Collect all assessments on time, make deposits, write checks, balance checkbook and submit financial reports to Association.

Notify Board of Directors of any unpaid assessments.

Karen Foster

Telephone Calls

Make calls to Association members as required.

Karen Foster &

April Monette

Road Agent

Coordinate and oversee annual road maintenance and upkeep on Splitrock Road including grading, gravel, roadside trimming, ditch work, culverts

Paul Jordan


Request proposals for plowing, finalize annual contract, and oversee work.

Respond to questions/concerns regarding winter road conditions.

Rich Kaszeta

Beach Supervisor

Coordinate beach maintenance according to Association responsibilities.

Pete Hadlock

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